Friday 16 October 2015

Day 0 baptism by fire

Cars all ready to go. Haul out to the two sections for qualification. The first as a warm up , the second for the actual time set.
Car runs fine but after the motorway drive we detect smoke coming out of the wheel arch where the exhausts have tried to catch fire to the fibreglass.
We have a brief schoolboy discussion on whether fibreglass can actual burn or if it just smoulders away peacefully.
We decide to inspect closer and the answer is that it glows red and burns with a toxic smell so we use both water bottles on it to put it out.
Run both sections and realise how rusty we are. Adrians 2nd gear uphill turns cause a twitchy rear end and Sams navigation errors include spotting most guapa chicas  in the crowds but sadly missing a few! We need to sharpen up.
Our friend "Hashtag Renee" in her 356 crashes out in the day and her car has to be sent ahead for a front end rebuild.

The gullwing that's favourite in our class was "being driven like a woman" according to a visiting NZ spectator - so we should be fine.
But we discover in the result sheets later that night that he was actually 20 seconds faster over the 4 min section than us.

Which makes us feel that we must be driving like my 103 year old granny!!

Tomorrow can only improve.

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