Thursday 22 October 2015

Day 6 Sam Bird

Great day again - were up into the top 50 as there's only 49 out of 85 cars still in.

Today is a combination of long straights and fast downhills. Our car has had its timing all reset and is running well.
Both lead Camaros go out in historic C as well as our Nova so at service the 22 mechanics only have three cars.

Sam gets a name name of Sam bird when a bird explodes on the cage above his head and drops down into his lap 

Great reception at Zacatecas and in the evening the traditional donkey walk to the bullring

Bed at 22.30 up tomorrow at 5 ready for a 7.00 arch.

The last day!!!!

Our friend Pablo and Rob in their 2002 are back ready for the final 400 miles and the famous "Devils Spine"
The second 260Z blows its engine and works on it all night to change in the street outside the Emporioguest


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