Monday 19 October 2015

Day 3 Mexico City to Tulaco

Up early to escape the huge metropolis' Rush hour traffic.

Poor cars were serviced in the rain outside the Hilton. So didn't need a wake up call as the V8s being warmed up at 5.30am did the job.,

Run really well through the morning including the crazy lunchtime stop
at Tehuacan where we became best friends with the Corona team.

But then have fuel issues on the final speed stage that give us a penalty.

The afternoon stages all run well despite our clutch's best efforts to hinder us.
We keep losing second and first gears - not good at starts!

After another technical hitch with fuel calcs we get to the arch and to bed after the results.

"Hashtag Renee" is back and today took first in class and the  Medcedes again took first in Sports Major.
At least we are runner up again.

Again mechanic work tirelessly through the nigh with special attention to the clutch 

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