Wednesday 21 October 2015

Day 5 mille Cumbres again and onto Quanajuato

Happy birthday Taz !!
CJ and Jake are back! They've repaired their blown transmission and appear at the arch. Jake is getting noticeably faster as his trust in CJ builds.

She's one of the lady copilotos. It seems that all the best ones are female? Angelica, Laura, Ute, Lauren and Cj - point proven.

Maybe something to do with with mans inability to multitask.
We ran on fumes today when the listed Pemex station was closed and crawled to another off-map.
Nearly three strikes and out for Sam!
Sun and dry corners made for an excellent day on mille cumbres again and in the afternnon sections.
Again it claims at least three victims with cars off the edge.

Into the l"Scheller Silver Mines" with a police escort - don't understand how anyone could get lost down there Lauren?

Big party again tonight as we meet up with Artuo - Sams mexican brother from another mother!?!?
Anyway after beers Sam passes out in the car and somehow we get it to service without getting lost! Maybe he needs beers for breakfast?


  1. I'm glad you didn't get lost! It happens, I promise. :) You are right - the ladies are the best at giving directions. I'm glad CJ and Jake are back in it!

    1. That motorcycle cop took us through all the tunnels right to the end.

  2. no beers for Sam until finish
    giddy up , Carson

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