Tuesday 20 October 2015

Day 4 Mille Cumbres !!!

The day we've all been waiting for. The legendary mountain road road with a thousand curves.
Built like a ski mogul field with incredible dancing cambers that throw you from one turn to the next.

Up at the top it's very close with five studebakers - slightly further back in the field it's just as frenetic with plenty of crashes and blown engines.

Run the three stages and in Sams words "haul ass"  I think he's talking about the burros?!

We rip through the field overtaking three cars and finish (no fuel issues).
The only two noticeable crashes on mille cumbres were one of the eight super fast Police Frderales cars that went off and the 002 BMW exhibition car that sweeps the stages prior to us !!

Full respect to the German mustang that have returned after their off on the mountain back in 2011
Ready to go again 

I see they've got sponsorship from Alberto pants ( that's underwear to Americans)
 I might get Sam over to them for some freebie handouts ( even if they're ladies g strings they must be better than his best offering.

A lie in tomorrow 9.00 start - yippe 
But the bells at the cathedral go off at 5,30!!!

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