Saturday 17 October 2015

Day 2 Oaxaca to Mexico City

The mechanics don't seem to ever sleep?
They were up till 1am adding an extra the fan and rewiring the alternator after the fire.
we've found another lucky sticker and 
picked up a virgin of guadalope statue.
Covering all angles on the luck front!!

Run all stages well . Sadly the rain slowed us in the morning but we're definately getting faster.

Our main rival in Sports class is the mercedes 300 gullwing that's travelled here with three backup vans to win.

In the morning he is about a minute ahead because we really can't race safely in the rain and lose over 40 seconds to them but when dry in the afternoon
we get start getting closer

Section 7 we run 12:12.9 v 12:27.6
Section 8 we run 5:10.4.  V 5:10.7
Section 9 we run 5:04.6.  V 5:04.5

The last two sections beating them by less than a second!

But our morning time in the rain has hampered our efforts.

The drive into Mexico City was as always incredible. Up over the vocanuc ring that surrounds 25m people on a 6 lane freeway. Helped  by catching the tail of the federal police who with full lights took us in the final 50 miles at speeds over 100 mph.
A huge gathering greeted us in the main square.

Our friend Taz is running well in Historic B in the Datsun and again takes 1st in class.

Hoping for sun tomorrow.....

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